Month: February 2016

  • God Our Refuge

    I thought it well to extend encouragement. I am going to take a glimpse of God in which you should find hope. At the same time, those of you who are lost might see Who God is, and repent.

  • Revival Reflections

    It is my objective to turn your thoughts toward the subject of revival. Perhaps the Lord will use this to warm your heart, to soften your spirit, to open your eyes, and to prepare you to receive the revival you have sought.

  • Christian Calibration

    In the machine shop, all of the tools for inspection are checked for accuracy on a regular basis. This is called calibration. Christians need to be calibrated. It is, then, my objective to remind you to make self-examination, with the Lord as our standard.

  • Perfect Peace

    Jesus told us that in this life we shall have tribulation, but that we should not fear, for He has overcome the world (John 16:33). Sometimes that is not an easy thing to do, so we become afraid. May God's grace rest upon us so that we would have an attitude of trust in the living God.