Month: October 2008

  • The Establishment of Human Government

    We have heard a great deal in this election about "change."  Our passage records the change the children of Israel wished to make.  From it I believe we can learn some things about government.  I also desire to demonstrate the biblical representation of government and our responsibilities to it.

  • The Secret of Paul’s Contentment

    If we look around at our society, it would appear that there is very little contentment in our American culture.  I submit unto you, above anyone else, those of us who know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, ought to be content.  Paul had reached this place in his life; let us see the secret of Paul's contentment.

  • Sadducee, Pharisse, or Christian?

    In this text we find two extremely religious groups.  Both, in appearance, are for God and truth.  A third group I mention are Christians.  I wish to discuss these three and make application.  In this way, you can determine the true need of your heart.

  • Sinners Must Turn

    Our society basically possesses an "anything goes" attitude.  This philosophy has also crept into some of the churches.  Repentance is no longer necessary nor a topic of discussion.  Our text teaches that the lost must repent and believe.  I desire to make this very clear today.  When it comes to salvation, sinners must turn.