Month: July 2022

  • Jesus is the Son of God

    The crucifixion of Jesus was different than all other crucifixions. There, the Centurion declared Jesus was the Son of God. I would like to point out the seven sayings of Jesus while on the cross. By this, you will see that He was different than any other man.

  • Now That I Am A Christian

    Sometimes we are put into a position which is new to us. We aren't really sure what to do or what is expected of us. We might think, "Okay, now what?" My intention is to apply this to Christians and answer the spiritual question, "Now what?"

  • The Waste of a Life

    Have you ever met someone who just seemed to have everything going for them, but, for some reason, they don't use it? How sad it is when someone wastes their life away.

  • Redemption

    Nearly everyone has the view that there is "life after death." However, there are a myriad of views on how to obtain that future state. Our text gives us the answer; our text speaks of redemption.

  • For So It Was

    Our text describes the demise of Israel (and, of Judah). When considering this passage, I could not help but think of our own nation, America. I believe there are parallels between the reasons for judgment upon the Jews and the forthcoming judgment upon the USA.