Month: October 2009

  • Instruction for Sinners

    In our text the prophet Isaiah admonishes the people.  He speaks to the wayward of Israel and exhorts them to turn back to God.  He teaches them.  Today, if you are wayward, away from God, hear this plea.  Listen to the teaching.  Hear the instruction.

  • Giving to Missions

    Participation means obligation.  If I give money to support a missionary, I share in the results of the gospel being preached.  It is my objective to encourage you to financially invest in good things.  Specifically, I am going to address mission's giving.

  • If Thou Wilt

    We live in a society which has adopted the philosophy of entitlement.  As a result, man thinks God owes them.  Our text gives us a different view of God and different view of man.  In our passage you won't find even a hint of entitlement.  Sinner, take heed, for salvation is of the Lord.

  • Followers of Jesus

    Our text speaks of the very early days of Jesus' ministry.  In it we see the start of His labors.  We have the calling of some of His disciples.  It is my objective to learn some things as we study Jesus receiving these few men as followers.