Month: September 2019

  • Who Is The Lord?

    I would like to address the matter of man's perception of God and attempt to direct our focus back toward God and His greatness. May we have a greater sense of awe and reverence toward Almighty God.

  • Where Is Your Confidence?

    There are three basic aspects to life: one, life itself, the circumstances; two, our Christian service; and three, the afterlife, that is, eternity. How shall we respond in these areas? Regarding these things, I ask, "Where is your confidence?" That is, "In what do you trust?"

  • The Wrath of God

    Many in our society see God only as a God of love. For them, Hell is not to be preached and the judgment of God is not to be declared. But, while I believe in the love of God, I also believe God judges sin. I believe in the wrath of God.

  • Without Jesus You Can Do Nothing

    It is necessary to ask ourselves diagnostic questions, such as, Am I saved? If I am saved, why do I do what I do? What is my motive for service? What is my attitude about serving? Questions to ponder as we consider: without Jesus you can do nothing.