Category: Sermon

  • The Mark of the Beast

    Someone sent out an email warning the readers of the coming of the "mark of the beast."  If these things are true, there is good reason for the Christian to be concerned.  It does call for a reality check.  I wish to address the passage of Scripture and consider the "mark of the beast."

  • Be Honorable

    We are told in this text to give honor to whom honor is due.  I plan to point out some areas of life, whereby, if you do well, you shall earn respect and gain the honor due.  Since this is Mother's Day, I will direct my thoughts toward the ladies present.  (I will speak to the men in like fashion on Father's Day.)

  • Do You Have a Clean Heart?

    You might think you are good in the eyes of God.  You think your heart is clean.  But is it?  By itself, your heart may appear pure.  It looks to be white and clean.  I challenge you to lay it beside the heart of God for a comparison.  If you do, you will find that your "white" is not so white after all.  How clean is your heart?  My text addresses this subject.

  • Take Time to Review

    It is proper for every Christian, on a regular basis, to look within and take a personal audit.  To give themselves a job performance review, as it were.  To ask the Lord, "How am I doing?"  My objective is that you will do so today.

  • Jesus is King

    Jesus is God manifest in the flesh as foretold by the angel unto Mary.  He is the One Who is to sit on the throne of David, thus, He is the King of Israel.  Yet, there is no question, the Jews did not believe that.  What about you?  Do you believe He is the King of Israel?  My friends, I submit unto you Jesus is King.

  • He Claimed to be God

    Down through history, in every age, there are those who profess they are divine.  Two thousand years ago, Jesus of Nazareth said He was from Heaven.  But, the Jews had Him killed.  One of their reasons for doing so was, He claimed to be God.  Let us examine this in our time today.

  • The Power of God (the Gospel)

    Paul's discussion on the importance of the gospel and the manner in which God uses it, teaches us what it is lost people need and what it is that God will use in reaching them.  Therefore, let us learn God's method and utilize the same.  Perhaps, we will be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.

  • Paul’s Evangelical Heart

    I would like to address the topic of evangelism.  It is my objective to look at the Apostle Paul and find in him a grand example of how we should be.  Perhaps, this will be a motivation to both you and me, to follow his pattern.  To be passionate for the lost.

  • What If You Knew?

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know the future?  What if you knew you would not die for fifteen years?  How do you think you would handle that news?  I think too much information is not good for us.  Let us stop trying to divine the future and start trusting the Divine for the present.