Category: Sermon

  • Living Life on the Edge

    Some people like to live life on the edge. They are risk-takers. Some of you might be flirting with the edge. I remind you, life on the edge is dangerous. Our text gives us an example.

  • When Difficulties Come

    We like to plan ahead. If we could look into the future, we would probably want to see all that we could see, but we cannot do so. We, therefore, can only take one day at a time.

  • The Universal Gospel

    Our text speaks of the salvation of sinners, of which Paul gives digression and defines what which we call, the Gospel (Acts 26:23). It is, then, my objective, to look into our text and expound upon the universal Gospel.

  • When Tragedy Strikes

    With so much pain and suffering around us, we must consider our response. How would I deal with tragedy? How would I cope in times of severe affliction? What if that event happened to me?

  • Are You Ready?

    If you think about it, a good deal of our life is spent in preparation. What we find in our text is Jesus addressing His coming again. If you will note the following verses, He speaks on preparation. Let us concern ourselves with the Second Coming, the coming judgment, and the preparation for these events.

  • Ye Are The Light

    We are all familiar with light. Lights illuminate so things can be seen. Lights brighten the way. Light shines, allowing discernment. Lights manifest the difference between good and evil.

  • True Salvation

    The Bible describes the truth about salvation. Have you heard such truth? Do you believe such truth? Are you a genuine Christian? If not, perhaps you will hear the truth today and be saved.