Category: Sermon

  • Love Your Bible

    It goes without saying, what we love is what we will have devotion toward. Of the many aspects of Christian living, I would like to address one area today -- the Word of God.

  • We Have Such An High Priest

    The text before us speaks in regard to the High Priest. Understand that the One under consideration is none other that Jesus Christ. He, then, is the focus of our thoughts in this message.

  • Honor Your Mother

    We come, once again, to the annual recognition of mothers. It is my objective to look into the Bible and point out to you five examples of mothers. Inasmuch as respect should be shown to them, respect should be shown to your mother as well.

  • Faith Brings Response

    I think we would do well to be reminded that we, in simplicity, need to trust God. I believe this passage will help us do that. Our text reminds us of Noah and his response to God. My, what faith he had.

  • They Had Been With Jesus

    All of us are aware of the influence which others have upon us. Our text discusses the influence of one person. Permit me to ask, "Is it true with you? Have you been influenced by Jesus?"

  • Look Nowhere Else

    Following a day of teaching and preaching "hard" doctrine, many followers left Jesus. Jesus then challenged the Apostles if they would also turn away. Peter declared, "To whom shall we go?" Thus, Jesus is our only hope. I submit to you, look nowhere else.

  • Repentance

    Preaching has degenerated in many ways through the years. Among other things, one of the doctrines which has taken a back seat is the topic of repentance. I wish, then, to speak on this subject.

  • Behold the Lamb

    You will be introduced to many people in your lifetime. A few will make a difference in your life; I wish to be one of them. However, the greatest impact I can have is to introduce you to another. I want you to learn about Jesus.