Category: Sermon

  • Be Honorable

    We should live life well. If we do, we shall earn respect and gain the honor due. Being Mother's Day, I shall focus our thoughts upon the women, but men, you are not exempt.

  • The Gospel Message

    Churches pervade our society. Among them there are many views and many beliefs. But, biblically, there is one truth. A church needs to hold forth that truth. What is the gospel truth?

  • Draw Near to God

    There is a tendency for the Christian to wander. I wish to encourage you to search you heart and notice how close / far you are from God. Then, I remind you to respond and be closer drawn to Him.

  • Mercy

    Grace is receiving something you do not deserve. Mercy is not receiving what you do deserve. Our text mentions the term under consideration. It is my objective to contemplate the subject of mercy.

  • The Gospel

    I want you to know why it is we come here and what it is we declare. I want you to know, plain and simple, about the gospel.

  • What If You Knew?

    What if you knew the future. How would you respond? For me, I think too much information is not good for us. May we learn from Hezekiah's experience.

  • Pray and Do

    The Bible teaches us to pray. Sometimes prayer is all we think we need. Then, sometimes we have no need of prayer. I submit unto you that both of these extremes are wrong.