Category: Sermon

  • Do You Love Jesus?

    I wish to take this occasion to speak on the subject of love. I would like to focus upon our love for God. How would you describe such love? Hear what the Bible says on this subject and make a self-assessment.

  • Spirituality

    Sometimes we judge a person's spirituality. We will say, "She is a spiritual woman." Or, "He isn't very spiritual." It is my objective to study this term from a biblical perspective. Perhaps we will be less likely to make a wrong assessment of ourselves and others.

  • Do Not Bow

    The passage before us gives the account of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. This story is a reminder of God's tremendous power, that even during times of great distress or persecution, God is able.

  • Why Don’t You Believe?

    Right and authority demand a proper response. If it can be demonstrated that God has right and authority over you as the Creator, then, as a created being, you should respond in obedience to Him.

  • Conscience

    We know that Christians have liberty. But that liberty does not grant us the liberty to do however we wish in our daily living. Some of that vast subject is dealt with in our verses. Let us learn about conscience.

  • The Goal of God

    Some Christians view their life as their own and that the Bible does not address daily living. But I say, the does. The Bible is authoritative. The Bible is relevant. God has the right to tell us how to live.

  • The Birth of Jesus

    It is this time of year when the world gives credence to the birth of Jesus. However, I believe we should be considerate of the birth of our Lord regardless of the time of the year! I thought it proper to remember the story of the birth of Jesus.

  • Anger

    People often become angry, as is demonstrated by Jonah. While anger can be a good thing and has its place, it usually is a bad thing and is out of place. I thought it necessary to remind ourselves about what the Bible has to say regarding anger.