Author: Doug Meadows

  • Prayer

    I have often tried to impress upon you the importance of God's Word -- that we need to allow God to speak to us. But may I also stress the need for you to speak to God. Such is my topic for today.

  • God Searches the Hearts of Men

    Man, with his technology, can track you just about everywhere you go. But, what they cannot do is know what you are thinking. God, however, has been able to do so from the moment of man's creation. Yes, God knows your every thought.

  • God’s Promise in Hard Times

    Whether we like it or not, this life has its ups and downs. I am here to remind you that whether in good times or bad times, easy times or hard times, God is still on His throne. I implore you to turn to Him and cast all of your cares on Him.

  • Where Is Your Fruit?

    Someone asked this question one time, "If you were put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" That is a good consideration, isn't it?

  • The King

    As we ponder these verses, I would encourage you to get a sweet and precious glimpse of Jesus. May that insight provoke in you a desire to magnify your Lord and Savior. As exhorted in the text, may we be moved to glorify the King.

  • He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease

    John the Baptist said that Jesus must increase while he must decrease. May I submit that while that be true in John's ministry comparison, practically speaking, it is true for every one of us who profess to be a Christian. Our lives should be more about Jesus and less about ourselves.

  • Attitude of “Bad-itude”

    Some people have a goodly disposition while others possess a bad spirit. The Christians prefers the goodly. However, don't you find yourself, on occasion, of having a bad spirit? Don't we discover that too often we have a bad attitude? I thought it well to consider this topic.

  • No Need to Yell

    If a person is blind, the letters could be huge, but he/she must have sight before they can see. If a person is deaf, you can speak as loud as you wish, but he/she must have hearing before they can hear. Simply, we can try to force or "make" someone to be saved, but until there is a change, it cannot be done. Like the deaf, there is no need to yell.

  • Judge Righteous Judgment

    We make judgments all the time. Sometimes they are based upon a poor foundation or determined with bias. Jesus teaches us that when we make judgments, they need to be proper. His words are, "Judge righteous judgment." This will be our subject.

  • Give Thanks for God’s Mercy

    At this time of year we are reminded to be thankful. However, Christians are to be thankful continually. In this psalm we find not only that God deserves thanks continually, but that His mercy is continual.