Author: Doug Meadows

  • For So It Was

    Our text describes the demise of Israel (and, of Judah). When considering this passage, I could not help but think of our own nation, America. I believe there are parallels between the reasons for judgment upon the Jews and the forthcoming judgment upon the USA.

  • Spare the Rod, and Spoil the Child?

    Years ago psychologists taught that spanking a child was harmful. As a result, many parents stopped doing so; now, much of America's youth are delinquent. What does the Bible say? Does the Bible teach child discipline, and yes, spanking a child?

  • Do You Believe?

    Believing the truth is not always an easy task, especially when it comes to religious thinking. Our text speaks of a few Christians who believed that Jesus was risen from the dead. It also tells us of some who did not believe.

  • The Sinfulness of Man

    In a world full of confusion, it is necessary that we have a clear mind as to man's true condition toward evil. The Bible teaches that man is thoroughly sinful, wholly unable, and completely defiled, and, salvation from sin is not of man, but is all of God.

  • Love Your Bible

    It goes without saying, what we love is what we will have devotion toward. Of the many aspects of Christian living, I would like to address one area today -- the Word of God.

  • We Have Such An High Priest

    The text before us speaks in regard to the High Priest. Understand that the One under consideration is none other that Jesus Christ. He, then, is the focus of our thoughts in this message.

  • Honor Your Mother

    We come, once again, to the annual recognition of mothers. It is my objective to look into the Bible and point out to you five examples of mothers. Inasmuch as respect should be shown to them, respect should be shown to your mother as well.

  • Faith Brings Response

    I think we would do well to be reminded that we, in simplicity, need to trust God. I believe this passage will help us do that. Our text reminds us of Noah and his response to God. My, what faith he had.