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  • Being in the Right Place

    We all know the importance of being in the right place. We also know what it is to be in the wrong place. I had rather be in the right place than the wrong place. Our text speaks about a man who was in the right place.

  • What To Do When Offenses Come

    I speak from these verses because it seems as if Christian people have forgotten how to respond to mistreatment. Christians are often notorious backbiters and divisive. Too many hold onto grudges. Bitterness remains. Well, the Bible teaches us otherwise.

  • Does Jesus Care?

    There are times in the Christian life when, what we call storms, arise. The thought of my heart is, "How do we respond to those storms?" May we leave convinced that our Lord does indeed love us. He does care for us. He is with us.

  • Signs of the Times

    We hear a great deal about how these times we live in are the last days. I personally believe that is true. The text before us speaks of some signs of the last times, the perilous times.

  • No Need to Fear

    John 14:27 and John 16:33 extend to us comfort and hope. We need hope because our world is full of tribulation and sorrow. All these things can bring us distress. Fear can grip our hearts. Remember these verses and recognize there is no need for fear.

  • Discouragement

    Throughout my life I have seen a common event among men. That of which I speak is discouragement. Our text is another example of discouragement. I believe we can learn from Elijah's experience.

  • It is a Mistake to Neglect the Bible

    Many of us tend to ignore the instructions or operating manual. Sad thing is that many people do that to the Bible too. As a result, the Bible is neglected. Whether you are a Christian or not, it is a mistake to neglect the Bible.

  • Finding God’s Will

    Everyday we are exposed to decisions. What is the Christian to do about the decisions which face them? How are we to handle those minor, those major, yes, even those life-altering decisions?