Render Thanks

I believe we all realize that thankful hearts should not be limited to the third week of November. Rather, we should be a grateful people. We should thanks all year long. Give praise to God. Do not be an ingrate.


With all of the circumstances which surround us, one would think that Christians would be praying constantly. Perhaps, we are. However, I thought it necessary to remind you of the importance and value of prayer.

Reasons to Rejoice

With all the problems in the world, if might be difficult to offer a smile. Or, is it? I submit, there are many reasons whereby we can rejoice. There yet exists those things which bring us joy.

Trust in God

Sometimes life can be very difficult. Christians can become disillusioned. So, what do we do? Where do we turn? How can we find solace? I submit that the answer is found in our timeless text, trust in God.