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  • Sin

    Some topics are not popular for public discussion. Our subject for today is one of them. Yet, it is necessary to be reminded of it from time to time, lest we forget its impact. I am going to talk about sin.

  • Give Thanks Unto God

    We are told in the Bible to be thankful. But, due to our circumstances, sometimes that is not so easy. Our text involves the subject of giving thanks. I thought it profitable to be reminded of this subject.

  • Stop! Ask for Directions

    Men are notorious for getting lost while driving but fail to stop and ask directions. Obviously, it is a pride thing. Problem is, many Christians find themselves lost on the road of life but fail to stop and ask God for directions. Yes, it is a pride thing. How foolish.

  • God, in all that He is, is a God of Grace

    We boast that God is a God of love. Of that, there is no doubt. But we also believe that God is also a God of justice and wrath. Of that, there is no doubt either; proof of which is found in God's provision for our redemption. By His own merits, He satisfied the demands of holiness and divine justice. I submit, God, in all that He is, is a God of grace.

  • A Father’s Delight

    John's words remind me of a father's delight. I surmise that our heavenly Father would feel the same. God delights when His children walk in the truth. Let us see an overview of a good father and an overview of good children.

  • Keys to Family Success – part one

    With increasing divorce rates, even among professing Christians, we determine the home is in trouble. Weak homes make for weak churches. Weak churches make for a weak nation. My objective is to remind you of the biblical precepts which make for strong marriages and strong homes. May we heed God's Word.

  • Does Prayer Have Feet?

    Years ago my pastor said, "Sometimes you have to put feet to your prayers." Perhaps what was needed was a balance. This involves the sovereignty of God and human responsibility. Today, I offer my view.

  • Jesus Is Coming Again

    We know what it is like to anticipate the arrival of someone, whether it is a celebrity, a politician, or a loved one returning from a journey. Jesus ascended from this earth and went into Heaven but one of these days He will return. Let's concern ourselves with the fact that Jesus is coming again.

  • In The Upper Room

    We have seen several events after Jesus was raised from the dead. This is one where He meets with them in the upper room. Here, He calms their fears, shows who He is, and teaches them.