Pastor Doug Meadows
September 25, 2016

Time: 40:50
Size: 11.6MB

Download: Prayer

Text: Philippians 4:6-7

Prayer is an integral part of the Christian life. Without this key element, we will suffer spiritually. It is my objective to discuss this matter of prayer.

Assurance of Salvation

Pastor Doug Meadows
September 18, 2016

Time: 42:01
Size: 12.0MB

Download: Assurance of Salvation

Text: II Timothy 1:12

One of the basic fundamentals of Christianity is having the knowledge that you are a Christian. We call that assurance. It is my objective to discuss this matter.

Which Road Are You Travelling?

Pastor Doug Meadows
September 11, 2016

Time: 38:33
Size: 11.0MB

Download: Which Road Are You Travelling?

Text: Matthew 7:13-14

Some people think that there are many ways to reach God. But in the biblical perspective there are only two ways for all of life and living. Only one of those roads extend to God, Heaven, and eternal life. I intend to prove that there is only one access to God.

When The Vertical Is Wrong

Pastor Doug Meadows
September 4, 2016

Time: 39:01
Size: 11.1MB

Download: When The Vertical Is Wrong

Text: II Timothy 4:10

It is my objective to consider the Christian's vertical relationship (i.e. with God); may we recognize when it is wrong and then strive to see it corrected.

Building Up Our Marriages

Pastor Doug Meadows
August 28, 2016

Time: 40:03
Size: 11.4MB

Download: Building Up Our Marriages

Topical Message

I remind you of the importance of the institution of marriage. With this reminder, it is my objective to offer you some elements essential in establishing good strong homes and solid marriages.

You Must Be Born Again

Pastor Doug Meadows
August 21, 2016

Time: 38:13
Size: 10.9MB

Download: You Must Be Born Again

Text: John 3:1-8

The focus of our text is that a man must be born again. The problem is, twenty to thirty years ago this term became a catchphrase. Everyone was born again. But, I submit that the subject found in our text is life changing.

Learn From Our Mortality

Pastor Doug Meadows
August 14, 2016

Time: 42:22
Size: 12.1MB

Download: Learn From Our Mortality

Text: Psalm 39:4-5

Our text is written by David, who said to Jonathan, "There is but a step between me and death." Perhaps, if we would recognize how delicate our life is, we would strive to live our lives better and for Christ's sake. Therefore, let us learn from our mortality.

Sorrow Turned To Joy

Pastor Doug Meadows
August 7, 2016

Time: 34:43
Size: 9.93MB

Download: Sorrow Turned To Joy

Text: John 6:6, 20-22

Much like the disciples we have our share of sorrows. Sorrow is not limited to the loss of a loved one. The trial may be financial, physical, or a family problem. Whatever the case, whatever the reason, your heart is burdened.

Tune In To God

Pastor Doug Meadows
July 31, 2016

Time: 34:33
Size: 9.90MB

Download: Tune In To God

Text: I Samuel 3:4-10

Have you ever tried to dial in a radio station? We get close. We run past it. We experience bleed-in. Aren't we like that with God? God is the radio station and we are trying to receive His message, but, like the radio, too often we have difficulty in hearing Him clearly.

Jesus Is Lord

Pastor Doug Meadows
July 17, 2016

Time: 32:57
Size: 9.72MB

Download: Jesus Is Lord

Text: Philippians 2:9-11

Some teach that a person can trust Jesus as Savior but then later trust Him as Lord. My friends, I do not believe this concept is theologically correct. Whether you recognize Him or not, He is always Lord!

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