They Presented Unto Him Gifts

Pastor Doug Meadows
December 21, 2008

Time: 41:42
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Text: Matthew 2:11

This passage reminds us the wise brought precious gifts to the infant Jesus.  At this time of the year we think about giving gifts.  My desire is to focus on what we find in our text, and perhaps, leave different than when we came.

So Send I You

Pastor Doug Meadows
December 14, 2008

Time: 42:30
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Text: John 20:19-23

In reading the New Testament, it becomes apparent that Christians should be a witness for Jesus Christ.  But, how shall we do so?  Our text addresses the mission which is given unto us, and, it also speaks of its means.  May God's grace rest upon us so that we might be found faithful witnesses.

The Blessed Man

Pastor Doug Meadows
December 7, 2008

Time: 45:02
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Text:  Psalm 1

This psalm addresses two types of people: the righteous and the ungodly.  Character traits are discussed as well as the results of each lifestyle.  Which category are you in today?  Wouldn't you rather be blessed than cursed?

Why Do We Suffer Trouble?

Pastor Doug Meadows
November 30, 2008

Time: 43:04
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Topical message

Sometimes Christians take it upon themselves to judge why it is someone else is going through trials or tribulations.  Christians also tend to make the same assessment when those troubles hit home.  It is my desire to offer some reasons why God will bring, or allow, trouble to come upon us.

Be Thankful

Pastor Doug Meadows
November 23, 2008

Time: 43:00
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Text:  II Samuel 22:47-51

This is the holiday season of Thanksgiving.  Like most American holidays, much of the intent for theh institution of the holiday is lost.  I would like to take this time to remind you today to be thankful.

He That Spoke Is He

Pastor Doug Meadows
November 16, 2008

Time: 44:52
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Download: He That Spoke Is He

Text:  John 4:1-26  esp. vs. 26

As we look into this text we will see Jesus revealing His deity to the woman at the well.  I submit unto you it is of utmost importance to know Jesus.  If you do not have a personal relationship with Him, then pay special attention.  The woman inquired of the Lord's Anointed; He it was that spoke with her.

Sinner, There Is Hope

Pastor Doug Meadows
November 9, 2008

Time: 42:52
Size: 12.2MB

Download: Sinner, There Is Hope

Text: Matthew 9:10-13

Sometimes the events of life are cruel and unforgiving.  Fortunately, not everything in life is hopeless.  For example, I am thankful for the opportunities the medical community provides us.  Turning to spiritual matters, there is not a sinner here who is beyond the grasp of the Savior.

Liberal or Conservative?

Pastor Doug Meadows
November 2, 2008

Time: 37:11
Size: 10.6MB

Download: Liberal or Conservative?

Topical message

It is my objective to discuss the liberal and conservative views and then, attempt to demonstrate that the biblical representation and the Lord Jesus abide on the conservative side.  By this, we can compare our own stance to that of our Lord and assess whether or not a personal adjustment must be made.

The Establishment of Human Government

Pastor Doug Meadows
October 26, 2008

Time: 49:54
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Download: The Establishment of Human Government

Text: I Samuel 8

We have heard a great deal in this election about "change."  Our passage records the change the children of Israel wished to make.  From it I believe we can learn some things about government.  I also desire to demonstrate the biblical representation of government and our responsibilities to it.

The Secret of Paul's Contentment

Pastor Doug Meadows
October 19, 2008

Time: 42:58
Size: 12.2MB

Download: The Secret of Paul's Contentment

Text: Philippians 4:13

If we look around at our society, it would appear that there is very little contentment in our American culture.  I submit unto you, above anyone else, those of us who know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, ought to be content.  Paul had reached this place in his life; let us see the secret of Paul's contentment.

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