Little is Much

Pastor Doug Meadows
August 24, 2008

Time: 46:58
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Text: Mark 12:41-44

We often wonder what good we are doing.  Does the little money we give make a difference?  Do the few tasks we fulfill actually profit the ministry?  I submit unto you that your labor for Jesus is worthwhile.  Your impact is greater than you think.  I desire to use this text on giving to teach a few lessons on Christian service.

The Presence of Life-Changing Truth

Pastor Doug Meadows
August 17, 2008

Time: 45:58
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Text: Deuteronomy 30:11-14

I would like to take a look into this Old Testament text and behold the accessibility of saving truth.  After which, I will direct your attention to the New Testament, where you will find a similar theme.

What We Testify

Pastor Doug Meadows
August 10, 2008

Time: 41:31
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Text: Acts 10:43

God led Peter to Cornelius' house to tell him about Jesus.  We have such privilege toward those about us.  When we address others about God and Christianity, it is necessary we convey this one topic - Who Jesus is and what He accomplished in our behalf.

Come to Paradise

Pastor Doug Meadows
July 13, 2008

Time: 41:02
Size: 11.7MB

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Text: Luke 23:43

Our text mentions the word paradise.  What is it?  What did Jesus mean?  Did the thief go there?  Can you and I go there?  If so, why would you turn it down?  Today, I would like to extend an invitation to you...come to Paradise.

Are We Independent...?

Pastor Doug Meadows
July 6, 2008

Time: 38:39
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Topical message, reading Romans 14:8

We have just observed Independence Day in our nation.  We hear a lot about Christian independence.  The truth is, we are not absolutely independent, nor should we desire to be.  There is a sovereign God in Heaven and we have an obligation to Him.  Personally, I am glad to be dependent upon God.

The Right View of Baptism

Pastor Doug Meadows
June 15, 2008

Time: 46:11
Size: 13.2MB

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Text: Acts 8:36-37

I believe our passage teaches the proper candidate for baptism, the proper mode of baptism, and the proper purpose of baptism.  Indeed, we will discover the essential element of salvation.

Be Honorable part # 2

Pastor Doug Meadows
June 15, 2008

Time: 43:44
Size: 12.5MB

Download: Be Honorable part # 2

Topical message, reading Romans 13:7

A man should earn respect and merit honor.  He can do so by being moral, by possessing integrity, and by being godly.  It is my objective, once again, to teach on this subject so that we all might be honorable.

Lift Up Your Eyes

Pastor Doug Meadows
June 8, 2008

Time: 41:39
Size: 11.9MB

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Text: Psalm 121

Each of us is either presently facing a dilemma of our own, or we have faced a dilemma in the past.  The question arises, "How can we have peace in the midst of the storm?"  My objective is for us to see how the psalmist reacts to whatever is burdening his heart, and why.

That the Scripture Might be Fulfilled

Pastor Doug Meadows
June 1, 2008

Time: 38:45
Size: 11.0MB

Download: That the Scripture Might be Fulfilled

Text: John 19:23-42

Our text deals with some of the details while Jesus was on the cross.  Much of this is familiar ground.  Therefore, I do not wish to focus on the events which unfold, rather, I would like to emphasize a common thread found in the text.


Pastor Doug Meadows
May 25, 2008

Time: 36:39
Size: 10.4MB

Download: Remember

Text:  II Timothy 2:8

With Memorial Day upon us, we remember our military dead.  Those who gave their lives in service to our country.  I would also like to use this occasion to cause us to remember Jesus, Who died for us.

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