Month: January 2012

  • Stress

    Pastor Doug Meadows
    January 29, 2012

    Time: 38:49
    Size: 11.1MB

    Download: Stress

    Text:  II Corinthians 1:8-11

    Stress.  All people experience stress, and we don't always correctly respond to it.  In our text, Paul speaks of the stress which came upon him and how he dealt with it.  My objective is to learn from Paul's experience and apply his principles for dealing with stress.

  • Without Jesus

    Pastor Doug Meadows
    January 22, 2012

    Time: 33:32
    Size: 9.59MB

    Download: Without Jesus

    Text:  I Corinthians 15:13-19

    Paul, in the text, is saying, "Consider what it would be if Jesus never rose again from the dead."  For my purpose today, I am saying, "Consider what it would be if Jesus never came!"  Basing our thoughts upon this idea, I wish to bring God's message entitled, Without Jesus.

  • Love’s Priority

    Pastor Doug Meadows
    January 1, 2012

    Time: 33:48
    Size: 9.67MB

    Download: Love's Priority

    Text:  Matthew 22:37-40

    When thinking of this coming year there are many areas wherein we could improve.  I thought it necessary to focus on one of high importance.  It is my objective to touch on a major aspect of life; may you consider love's priority.